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Have your family tree professionally researched by an expert you can trust.  We will conduct an extensive online search of your ancestry.  The findings will then be beautifully presented  in a deluxe binder. An heirloom in its own right.

One of the greatest pleasures of researching family history is bringing this history to life for our clients.  Our reports  will include:

  • professional pull out A3 family tree charts

  • family biographies

  • information on the social history that shaped their lives

  • family photographs (provided by the client)

  • copies of historic documents (e.g. census returns, service records)

  • birth, marriage and death certificates etc. where obtained

We will also provide a complete digital record of your family tree (GEDOM file) which can be uploaded and viewed on most genealogy sites.

We are happy to discuss your specific requirements and tailor our research to meet your needs.


 Popular packages include:




Many clients simply want to search a single surname line. This package will take the surname, often, but not always, their own surname, back to your Great-Great-Grandparents.  

single surname family history research package




grandparents family history research package

Your Family Historian will research your family tree through one of your Grandparent’s lines back to your Great-Great-Grandparents (four surnames).




Your Family Historian will research your full family tree back to all of your Great-Great-Grandparents (sixteen surnames).

Complete Family History Research Package


We often get requests for additional copies of our Family History Reports to be given as gifts to  other members of the family. We can produce a duplicate binder, tailored to anyone named within the original report, at a cost of £75 per copy.

family tree research packages


We will research your family tree to all your Great-Great-Grandparents and display your direct ancestors  on a  beautiful custom designed Seize Quartiers Chart (available in A2 or A3 size).  We will also provide a full digital copy of the research (GEDCOM file).

We have a wide range of designs and colours to choose from.  We can also illustrate the chart with your family photographs (space permitting) and add in members of your immediate family. Our charts are printed on luxury 180gsm gloss paper.


We can also display your own research in a Seize Quartiers Pedigree Chart.  

Family Tree Chart

Research plus chart 

Your pedigree researched and displayed on a beautiful custom designed A2 or A3 chart.


 Chart only 

We will incorporate your own research into an attractive  custom designed chart.

A3 Design & Print - £49.95 (additional copies £9.95 ea).

A2 Design & Print - £54.95 (additional copies £9.95 ea).

family tree charts


When you commission Your Family Historian, we will ask you to provide details of known ancestors and dates etc. together with any family stories or traditions that you’re aware of.   The more information you can give the better the results we can achieve for you.  

Your Family Historian will endeavour to trace your direct ancestors back four generations to your Great-Great-Grandparents. However, no professional can guarantee to find an ancestor.


Sometimes the records simply are not there or we cannot be sure in proving a link.  We will always only give you information we are sure of.


If we are unable to fully complete a line of research, we will contact you by e-mail and offer the choice of a refund (on a ‘pro-rata’ basis) or suggest another avenue of research to you. 


When the research is complete it may be that we believe it will be possible to trace your family tree further back in time. It is entirely optional if you wish to do this and we will discuss and agree if you wish for further research to be carried out. 


A deposit of 50% is payable on commencement of the research.  The balance is due on completion.

Payment may be made in GB Pounds sterling by bank transfer, debit/credit card or via Paypal. 

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