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Genetic Genealogy - would you like a helping hand?

Genetic genealogy is an exciting new field of family history research  that combines genetic DNA test results (your 'matches') and traditional genealogy methods to discover how individuals are related.

Your DNA matches may hold the key to making new discoveries about your family’s past.  They can give you hints to guide your research, help you break down genealogy brick walls, connect with new relatives or dig deeper into research you’ve already done.  


Your DNA results can also help you confirm information in your tree,


But what if you don't know how to interpret the results?


That's where we can help.  We can  undertake  research for you, or guide you, step by step, through the process yourself.


'We have significant expertise in genetic genealogy and  a proven track record.  As an Associate of AGRA you can feel confident that you are working with a trusted professional.

If you'd like a helping hand then please contact us.  

Family History DNA Matching

Read more about DNA and how it is used in family history research in our blog posts.


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We assume you will already have the results of a DNA test available.  We will need access to your DNA matches and family tree.  We can explain how to do this if you're unsure.  


Once we've taken a look at your matches and tree we will be able to agree the scope of the work and provide a quotation.   We will  provide regular updates on progress, discussing and agreeing next steps with you at each stage.   


Our hourly rate for undertaking genetic genealogical research is £25/hr (with a 2 hour minimum order) payable in advance.

Payment may be made in GB Pounds sterling by bank transfer, debit/credit card or via Paypal.



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