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We all have treasured, irreplaceable photographs that have suffered from years of lying in a drawer. Would you like to see them restored to their pristine best ?


Or how about getting an old photograph colourised ? You can take a photograph through an auomated program that will add colour to a reasonable level on good quality prints. But what if the print is torn, faded or discoloured ?


Your Family Historian provides a bespoke restoration and colourising service that will produce excellent results on all but the most degraded prints.




Email us your image for a free quote and we will assess the level of work required and provide a quote.  You can then decide if you wish to proceed.  


After you give the go ahead you will be sent a watermarked copy of your restored photo for your to examine.  Only when you are happy and wish to purchase the completed restoration do you make payment. 


Once payment is received your restored photo(s) will be

e-mailed to you.


Damage Repair Prices

Prices are determined by the level of damage.  For example is the damage minor (i.e. simple fade corrections, simple scratch removal, hairline cracks removal) or is the damage more major (i.e. a missing area, folds or tears to be corrected)?


Hand Colouring Costs

Colouring is a separate cost and always performed after the restoration.  Price is determined by the level of work required. 



Payment may be made in GB Pounds sterling by bank transfer, debit/card or via Paypal. 

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